Trap Style Gear Shift Peg

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  • Item #: DK-TSP-SP
  • Manufacturer: DK Custom Products
  • Condition: New
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 Can also be used as a Brake Pedal


A Heel Rest

Made in The USA!
DK Custom Products


  • Made from American Cold Rolled Steel
  • Includes Black Fastener
  • Durable Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Same Length & Height of Stock Shift Peg (2" x 1")
  • Slightly larger "Trap Style" top for easier "non-slip" down-shifting 
  • Smooth bottom for boot when up-shifting
  • E-Z INSTALL- Adjust the angle easily.
  • Compliments DK Custom "Trap" Foot Pegs!
  • Can also be used as a brake pedal
  • FITS ALL HARLEY-DAVIDSONS and most any other motorcycle


This Trap Style shift peg installs quickly, and the angle is easily adjusted to fit you.  No more slipping, looks great with or without the DK Custom Trap Style foot pegs.

Will fit ALL Harley-Davidson Models and most any other motorcycle.

Can also be used as a heel rest or mini highway peg (see pics below)

Can also be fitted as a brake pedal.  This does require some minor fab work.

This is an EASY install - 5 minutes!

Make your ride Different AND more comfortable!!!

"Looks awesome with my Bear Trap pegs I got from you guys.  Super comfortable too.  I'm going to get another one for my brake pedal." -Nate