Stage III Complete Suspension Upgrade All Harley's PKG. #3
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Stage III Complete Suspension Upgrade All Harley's PKG. #3

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  • Item #: DK-SUS-PKG-3
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Stage III

Complete Suspension Upgrade


Harley-Davidson Models


Features & Specs:

  • Includes AK-20 Fork Cartridge System
  • Includes Twin Adjustable Shocks
  • Straight-Forward Install-Comes with Instructions


DK Custom Products has tested numerous aftermarket suspension components.  We've logged well over 16,000 miles on a variety of bikes and trikes, covering an array of road condtions, loads and speeds.   All this, while paying close attention to the ride quality with various suspension configurations.

You can view our full report on our testing of various suspension components at this LINK.


 When you order you will be asked a few easy questions.  Your answers give us the information needed to send you the correct AK-20 Cartridge System and Rear Shocks for your bike/weight/riding preferences.

The Complete Suspension Package #3 consists of an AK-20 Cartridge Fork System and Twin Adjustable Shocks

You can view the details on the AK-20 Fork Cartridge System HERE

You can view the details on the Twin Adjustable Shocks HERE


ALL Harley-Davidson Models

If you wish to Replace the Twin Adjustable Shocks with the Pro-Action Shocks, you can check that option when ordering

If you want us to install the AK-20's into your forks, check the box, and we will do that.  There is an extra charge.