DK Custom Retro Chrome Shift peg for Harley-Davidson
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Extended ISO Shift Peg Chrome & Rubber Cushioned Harley-Davidson

Price: $18.99
  • Item #: DK-ISO-SFT-EXT-1
  • Manufacturer: Kury
  • Condition: New
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 Can also be used as a Heel Rest



  • Extended ISO Shift Peg fits all Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
  • Durable Chrome Finish with ISO Pads for Superior Comfort and grip
  • Extended Length & Same Height of Stock Shift Peg (2 5/8" x 1")
  • E-Z INSTALL- just screw it in
  • Compliments ISO Footpegs! 
  • Perfect for use with Floorboard Extensions
  • Can also be used as Heel Rests
  • FITS ALL HARLEY-DAVIDSONS and most any other motorcycle


This ISO shift peg installs quickly, and is one of those small changes that make a Big Difference.  Looks great with or without the matching ISO pegs & Grips.

Will fit ALL Harley-Davidson Models and most any other motorcycle.

Can also be used as a heel rest or mini highway peg 


Many who use Floorboard Extensions like these 5/8" wider Shift pegs.

These Extended Shift Pegs can be purchased individually, or as a Pair of 2.

 These Extended Shift Pegs are also available in a Package Special with the Extended Brake Pedal Pad, and with Floorboard Extensions.  Click HERE to Save with these Package Specials.


This is an EASY install - 5 minutes!

"The Extended Shift Pegs work perfect with my Rock-It Shift on my Sportster, they also compliment my floorboard extensions on my Tri-Glide." -Kevin